22 Feb 2010


Once upon a time,there lived a kind man and women.Both of them were very sad because they could not have a child.They prayed day and night for a child to make them happy.

One day,a fairy came to visit the couple.She had heard the couple's wish and wanted to help them."Dont be scared,i am here to fulfill your wish".said the fairy to the couple.

The fairy then gave the couple a seed.She said,"Plant this little seed in a flower pot".Take very good care of it.In time to come,you will be very happy.The couple thanked the fairy.

The wife planted the seed in a pot.For many days,the couple took great care of the flower grew and grew.One day, the flower bloomed and in it ,was a tiny girl.

The couple was very surprised too see such a tiny girl,Nevertheless,they were glad that they had finally gotten a daughter.They decide to name her thumbelina.

From that day on,both husband and wife showered Thumbelina with lots of love and care.They loved here more than anything else in the world.

Thumbelina spent her days rowing around in a bowl of water.She also loved playing among the flowers in her little garden.At night,she slept in an ayster shell filled with feathers,leaves and petals.

One night, an ugly toad saw Thumbelina sleeping in her oyster shell.The toad carried Thumbelina and brought her to a pond.There the toad placed Thumbelina on a water lily leaf and drifted the leaf to the middle of the pond.

When Thumbelina a woke,she was shocked to find herself in the pond."Iam going to eat you up for dinner",said the to ad."There is no way for you to escape".The toad then went off.

Thumbelina cried and cried.She missed her parents and wanted to go home.A fish heard Thumbelina crying and asked her"Why are you crying,tiny girl?"."Oh,Mr.fish ...please help me.The ugly toad is going to eat me,"pleaded Thumbelina.The fish then bit the stalk of the leaf and swam to a riverbank.

At the riverbank ,Mr.fish said"I can only help you until here.You will have to find your awn way now".The fish then left Thumbelina all alone.

Thumbelina walked and walked until she met with Mrs.mouse.Mrs.mouse felt sorry for Thumbelina and invited her to stay at her house.

One day,Thumbelina went for a walk in the jungle.As she was walking,she saw a wounded swallow.Thumbelina felt pity for the swallow.She bought the swallow to Mrs mouse's house and cared for it.

When the swallow was strong enough to fly,it took Thumbelina with it.Together,they flew over the countryside until they came to a wonderful garden.

Thumbelina was amazed to see such beutiful flowers.Thumbelina asked the swallow to leave her
at the garden as it reminded Thumbelina of her house.

Among the flowers,there was a big beutiful flower.Thumbelina thought it odd to see such a big flower but she knew it was a special flower.

One day,the flower bloomed,and a tiny man came out of the flower.Thumbelina was surprised to see the man as tiny as she was.Both of them fell in love and got married.

One day,Thumbelina requested from the tiny man that she see her parents.Both Thumbelina and the tiny man asked for the swallow's help.

The swallow took them to Thumbelina's house.Her parents were glad that she was safe.They all then lived happily ever after together.